About Us

Our Story

Sentium Consulting was founded in 2019 by a group of like-minded people who grew tired of how major consulting companies functioning in the pharma industry operated. Most solutions available on the market were expensive, complicated to use, and based on outdated technologies. Clients were stuck with products with high failure rates that didn’t deliver the promised value. The market lacked a smaller, transparent, result-driven consulting firm that could provide cutting-edge solutions that transform businesses and deliver incredible value. To fill the gap and shake up the entire industry, we founded Sentium Consulting. A vehicle to drive forward our ideas and explore how technology and innovation can transform business. Today, led by Founder and CEO Henry Smith, Sentium Consulting has grown into a full-fledged consulting company with members across five continents with an entire spectrum of data specialists, data engineers, data scientists, and business analysts.

Our Story



Humble Beginnings

Sentium Consulting was established as a boutique consulting firm for financial projects and high-tech hedge funds

Our Mission

Our mission is to shake up the data industry by delivering cutting-edge solutions that transform businesses and offer incredible value. Businesses must be data-driven to stay competitive in today’s world. Excel is no longer enough; without a proper data strategy in place, businesses will miss out on modern advancements in forecasting, language understanding, optimization, and automation. Data technology is no longer an optional nice-to-have; it is vital for any business to stay viable in their industry. How can a business become data-driven? Data technology has a bad reputation - most products are expensive, complicated to use and can’t deliver even 10% of what marketing promises. Building your own data team is no easier - 90% of data science projects fail to produce any results. As a result, the majority of businesses are unable to unlock the massive value their data contains. We are here to change that.


Our Values


We thrive in today’s turbulent and fast-changing business environment by constantly adapting, innovating, and renewing ourselves. We treat every problem we face as an opportunity to learn and grow.


We do not just embrace diversity; we draw strength from it. Our global team is a build-up of people from different backgrounds and cultures who see the world in unique ways, bringing multiple perspectives to the table.


We are constantly striving to push the boundaries of technology; we are always exploring the limits of what is possible, and are committed to R&D as fundamental to our future success.

What We Do

Sentium are the data technology experts. We build state-of-the-art data solutions that combine Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Integration into a bespoke package that perfectly fits with your business. We prioritize delivering actionable insights that generate immediate value, enabling businesses to maximize their data’s potential without requiring a dedicated data team.

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